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Welcome to our boots for wide calves area. Our hope is that you will find wide calf boots that really fit your feet. Our collection consist of knee highs, high heels-, lace-ups, zip ons and above-the-ankle boots. The great brand Fitzwell have a special section for wide leg boots so you really have to check them out. You will aslo find styles from Nicole, rsvp, Sudini, Naturalizer etc.. Just browse the pages and click on the links for more information.

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Some thoughts about large calf boots:

"Great looking wide-calf boot - I have searched all over for a stylish wide-calf boot. After reading the reviews here, I decided to purchase these boots. I love them. My big calves are 17". I normally wear a wide shoe and decided to go up to a double wide (good decision). The reviews are correct that they slouch around the ankles, but they still look great. I have received so many compliments. Only negative is the very hard sole (could use a nice cushiony insert). I'm very satisfied. My husband thinks they're hot!"

"Comfy Calves - I bought these in black, wide shaft with M foot and I wish I bought the option with the wide foot as well. I normally don't wear a wide shoe but these are too tight in the foot even with a light sock. Wearing them with pantyhose is not enough protection from the zipper at the ankle. You need a little protection there or the zipper bites a little. I slap on a bandaid before the hose go on. As another reviewer noted, it's a shame that they are not a bit more stylish. I notice that all wide option large calves boots look like they are made for someone who's very conservative or unable to walk in heels. Wide calves boots do not always mean the wearer is overweight, unable to walk well or afraid of color other than black and brown. I don't think these are worth 110 bucks but I may buy another pair in brown simply because they do fit my 15 inch calves. Getting high boots to fit has been a challenge for me."

"FINALLY! A boot that DID fit over my muscular large calves... Haven't had that since I was a kid. I did have to coax the zipper up a wee bit, but then the fit was GREAT all over, from my toes to the top of my calf. Wished they did make this in a leather (though it would have to be with a little extra "give"). Quite excited about wearing my "STRETCH BOOTS" for an night out on the town!"
"A great looking sexy boot that's perfect for big calves! My husband bought these for me as a surprise and I'm very impressed with the look and feel!The leather is awesome and so soft and rich. I can't believe how comfortable they are and how sexy they look. My husband loves them on me and wants me to wear them every time we go out. I love the feel of them and the toe is perfect, not pointy and ucomfortable like some of the boots out there. I get a lot of compliments at work and I want to get them in the brown color as well. Good price and a great buy!!"

"Perfect Boot! I was looking for a tall suede boot to wear under skirts, and this one fills the bill. I too have chubby calves, and these zipped right over with a minimal amount of stretch. They look great and fit great, very roomy, don't pinch my toes at all. I ordered the big calf boots in black and one in the so-called mahogany because I couldn't decide. But I really like them and might keep both. They fit well and are comfortable despite the high heel. Buyers should measure their calf widths - I thought I had big calves but these boots are just fine. The only thing is the mahogany is more like a chestnut brown, but it's a nice colour."