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Some thoughts about Extra Wide calf boots:
"Very stylish boot -- leg huge! Just got this boot in today. I absolutely LOVE it! The heel height is very nice. The toe is just pointy enough to be trendy but yet not uncomfortable. I love pointy toes, but I have big feet so they aren't always flattering on big feet, but these are perfect in the toe. I got a whole size smaller than I normally wear in a sandal and they fit great. I know other people on the review have complained that they are uncomfortable, which I did not find to be true for me. I was, however, disappointed because the leg looks so small in the picture, but when I got them and took them out of the box the leg was HUGE. The very top of the leg fits, but the rest of the boot is definately going to have to be taken in, which I have to do with pretty much every pair of womens wide calf boots I own. I wish there was a zipper. Also, the reason I had to order these is because I'm tall (6') and the last pair of boots I bought seemed too short, however, these go up to my knees. "
"Finally Finally Finally - I, like most of the female population, do not have little stick-super-model-calves. Neither will I ever have them. This however, posed the problem of finding cute boots. And of course, what you can't have is always what you want. Can't have, of course, until I happened along this boot. The suede is beautiful, the heel is a perfect height."
"Beautiful, Comfortable, Worth the money. The leather on this shoe is so soft and supple that I love to touch these as I'm wearing them. The color is gorgeous too; the brown boot color is a very rich sable. I’m not a great judge of shoe sizes, but I think the boot is slightly wider than most. Not anything that becomes a problem as I walk, but just enough that I feel I have more room (even with thick socks) than I would expect. The laces up the back of the boot can be adjusted from a rather small calf-width up to 18" (seriously, I have 18” calves and they work just fine for me). GREAT for Plus-size calves! "